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KitBase 2 - Features and Technical Information

KitBase is a flexible, simple to use database application.

The database can support different collections and activities by using database templates, e.g. Scale Models. A generic 'Collection' template is provided as a starting position for any kind of collection.

You can completely customise the databases in KitBase. Tables and fields can be added, changed or removed and views, forms and reports can be created for ultimate flexibility.

KitBase is designed to synchronise between devices, so that you can enter data or add pictures/documents on multiple machines and have it seamlessly merge.

KitBase runs on Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10). Mobile versions are planned, followed by a Mac release.

Spreadsheet Import

If you already have your data in a spreadsheet you can import it into KitBase 2 easily.

Data Import

Data from other databases can also be imported, so long as you can export it into a spreadsheet-compatible format, for example a CSV File.

CSV is a 'Comma-Separated Values' file. Many database applications and websites allow exporting into CSV. It is a simple text file that looks something like the below. The column headings are on the first line, followed by data.

    "Type", "Name", "Colour"
        "Thing", "A567 Thingybob", "Blue"
        "Oojama", "OO1 Ooojama Mark 1", "Red"
        "Oojama", "OO3 Ooojama Mark 3", "Green"

If you are having difficulty extracting your data from another database or product, please contact me and I will do my best to help.

-Gary Marples, Developer

Filtering by Selection

Any column in the record lists can be filtered, using a simple drop down tick list.

'Contains' Filtering

Text columns can be filtered using a 'Contains' filter. Entering search text into the box, restricts the list of items.

Range Filtering

Number and date columns can be filtered using a range, e.g. '12.00' to '15.00' for a currency field.

View Customisation

You can create your own views of the records from any perspective. Choose the fields (columns) you wish to see, along with sort order (ascending / descending).

Grouped Views

With the tick of a box (in the View Customisation screen), you can group the data in a view allowing easy navigation. This is then passed through to reports, which display the groups with automatic subtotals.

Flexible One-Click Reporting

A report can be produced from any view with one click of the 'Report' toolbar button.

The report picks up any grouping specified and automatically calculates subtotals for cash values.

Reports are generated as HTML so that you can print and view them on practically any device. HTML has the advantage of being automatically fitted to the screen, unlike PDF which is in a format suited primarily to print. PDF files can be quite hard to read and navigate on mobile devices.

In addition, many applications such as Word and Excel allow opening of HTML documents, making it easy to reformat the reports or copy parts of them around.

Spreadsheet-Compatible Export

Any view can be exported as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. These can be opened in spreadsheet applications, like Excel.

A CSV is a simple file format that contains the data separated by commas, e.g.

"Item Name", "Item Number"
"thingy", "123"
"bobs", "456"

Database Customisation

The tables and fields in KitBase are completely customisable.

You can add, change and delete any field that appears in a template (e.g. the Scale Models database), allowing you to tailor the database design to your own specific requirements.

Entirely new tables can even be created from scratch, allowing databases to be created for virtually any purpose. For example, KitBase is used for tracking development tasks for Suisoft products, such as KitBase itself.

Data Entry Form Customisation

The data entry forms in KitBase can be customised to fit your own data entry preferences.

You can quickly place common fields in the top area and lesser used fields in the tabs underneath.


You can import documents and images into a KitBase database, associating them with records.

A customisable gallery is provided, allowing you to show the attachments as categorised thumbnails for easy viewing. To place an attachment in a category you need only change the prefix on its name, e.g. 'Box'

The categories in the gallery can be completely customised to your own requirements.

Database Synchronisation

The KitBase database engine has been designed from the ground up to synchronise between devices.

The KitBase database file stores every change to any database element: e.g. tables, fields, names, rows, values, attachments.

There can be no conflicts when changes are made on two copies of a database, because all changes will be merged and the latest changes taken as current.

Currently KitBase is only available for Windows. Mobile versions and ultimately a Mac version are planned. An Android prototype is already part complete.

List Grid Options

You can customise the grid colours, text and spacing to your own preferences.

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User Guide

KitBase has a complete user guide, providing a step by step introduction for all of the features. The guide is also accessible via the Help menu and Help buttons in KitBase.

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